I signed up and made the best decision I've ever made. CertifiedCare is the best comprehensive program around. It's hard to improve on the best!

Debbie S., CertifiedCare Professional Personal Care Aide

I would like to express how CertifiedCare has really paid off for me. Being "certified" means more employment in my field and more wages. Within 3 days of passing the exam, I had my frame worthy certificate and have gone on to get a new fabulous job. DONT KNOW WHY I WAITED SO LONG!

Sueann W., CertifiedCare Family Personal Care Aide

I am looking forward to strengthening my knowledge and confidence about caregiving. Thank you for establishing your company and offering a valuable resource.

Mary R., CertifiedCare Professional Personal Care Aide

Your certification program is a blessing to me and my new career.

Hollie H., CertifiedCare Professional Personal Care Aide

I would suggest investigating CertifiedCare as a very good source for caregiver training. It is a strong choice in this area.

Dan Kacerovskis, CSA │National Account Manager, Society of Certified Senior Advisors

Finally I did it!!! This is a great program, Thank you so much!!!

Dahaiana R., CertifiedCare Family Personal Care Aide

I felt that after learning about the program it was the best fit for the single working mom that I am! 

Christina B., CertifiedCare Professional Personal Care Aide

As the Executive Director of an Assisted Living Facility, I highly recommend all of the online courses. 

Elizabeth H., CertifiedCare Professional Personal Care Aide

I love this. It is the best thing I’ve done (besides my 3 kids) in my 62 years of life.

D. Statland, CertifiedCare Professional PCA

I am doing this to not only better myself and hopefully give more peace of mind to potential clients and/or their family, but also, in order to help your organization to further your cause since 100% of profits are going back into working on more regulations/legislation in this matter.

Gayle Marretta, CertifiedCare Professional PCA

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Facts about Dementia


 About dementia…

1. Dementia is a brain disorder which robs the patient of his ability to perform basic daily activities and tasks.


2. The most common form of dementia disease is Alzheimer’s Disease.

3. Most dementia patients will need long term care at some point in their lives.

4. Women have a higher probability of developing Alzheimer’s than men.  This may be because women tend to live longer than men.

5.  People will less education seem to develop Alzheimer’s more often than people with higher educations.  This may have something to do with the mental exercising of the brain. However, it is no guarantee people with high educations do not die from forms of dementia disease.

6.  The exact cause of Alzheimer’s is not known, but experts believe it is the result of the increased loss of brain nerve cells.

7.    65-69-year-olds- 2% will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.


85-89-year olds-20%

90 years old and older- 30% will have Alzheimer’s


8.  People with dementia have difficulties making simple decisions like what to wear.  They may put on a sweater on a hot sweltering  day or go out with several extra purses.

9. Dementia suffers may not only forget where they put items like their glasses, but they may place items in inappropriate places.  For example, they may put the box of cereal in the refrigerator and the milk in the cabinet.

10. Personality changes such as sudden angry outbursts, or a person who used to be friendly and is now somewhat hostile, are not uncommon with dementia.

11. Loss of interests in work and hobbies that used to give them pleasure and a sense of well being and accomplishment will be another sign of dementia.

12.  Dementia patients may often get lost in their own neighborhoods and familiar surroundings.  They may not remember exactly where they  are even if they are on their own street.

13.  Many people with dementia will not be able to maintain their bank accounts or work with numbers.  This is one of the first mind functions to disappear.


For more information about Senior Care Products or Services for persons suffering from dementia or their caregivers please visit the links below:

Basic Caregiver Certification, Advanced Caregiver Certifications, Alzheimer’s and Dementia Specialist Caregiver Certification, Caregiver Registration, Caregiver Directory, Professional Caregiver Agency License.

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