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The Better Caregiver Bureau - CertifiedCare.Org

CertifiedCare education and certifications meet LTC-HCI basic orientation training requirements for all states and California (AB 1217)
requirements and complies with Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act.

What type of caregiver are you today and expecting to be in the future?

If you are a family caregiver:

Do you forsee a long term commitment to caregiving?

Will the needs of your loved one(s) increase in complexity over time?

If you are a professional caregiver:

Will you work for yourself or for a facility (home care agency, longterm care facility, etc.) or as an independent provider?

Will you limit your work only to simple cases or are you open to more caregiving job opportunities and complex client cases?

Is CertifiedCare certification right for you?

  • Do you spend time helping a frail elder?
  • Do you care for a loved one with Alzheimer's Disease or other dementia?
  • Do you care for an adult loved one with Special Needs?
  • Do you work frequently with others who are licensed and certified in any healthcare field?
  • Does your employer require you to stay current with the latest home care industry developments?
  • Is there a lot of competition in your field of work and you need to stand out from the crowd?
  • Are you considering a career as a caregiver and want the best jobs?

If you answered 'yes' to ANY of these questions then you need to be a CertifiedCaregiver!

Personal Care Aide Certification is for caregivers who...

  • Care for their loved ones or the general public
  • Need to know the fundamentals of caregiving for those who have simple Activities of Daily Living (ADL) needs
  • Are professional caregivers
  • Work with the general public
  • Work cases which require greater skill and responsibility regarding ADLs
  • Want their own business or who wish to work for agencies at the highest pay and who wish to have variety in their caregiving career
  • Want to earn specialty certifications in Alzheimer's & Dementia caregiving as well as Special Needs caregiving

Senior Care Auditor Certification is for caregivers who...

  • Are experienced caregivers who want to provide a new service
  • Work with the general public
  • Want to provide limited personal care services or none at all
  • Want or have their own business or get a job as a Certified Senior Care Auditor
  • Want to be certified to spot and stop elder abuse

career planning


CertifiedCare Certification Programs:

  • Provide a comprehensive, online solution to affordable, convenient, quality caregiver credentials.
  • Are ideal for those wishing to begin, expand and/or supplement their caregiving training.
  • Are designed to meet the needs of the family, institutional and longterm care industry throughout the United States and in 193 other countries.
  • Meet the federal regulations pertaining to Home Health Aides and Personal Care Attendants as prescribed by law in Title 42 CFR §484.36 et seq. and Title 42 CFR §440.170 et seq.
  • Meet or exceed state requirements in most states in the USA.
  • Are used worldwide. However, at this time our programs are in English only.

Ready to join? Click HERE now!

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