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The Better Caregiver Bureau - CertifiedCare.Org

CertifiedCare education and certifications meet LTC-HCI basic orientation training requirements for all states and California (AB 1217)
requirements and complies with Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act.

I chose CertifiedCare after much research on the internet. I wanted to learn valuable information at a reasonable cost. I chose correctly! I am thoroughly impressed and would recommend the program to anyone. I do not know of any improvements you could make. Thank you so much!

- Amy K. Winn

As the Executive Director of an Assisted Living Facility, the online training program by is an excellent source of well written materials related to the various aspects of providing care for the elderly - whether at home or in a facility. I highly recommend all four online courses. To read your e-text – it felt like I could visualize everything that was happening

Truly a gifted writer.

Thank you again. Peace and Light

- Elizabeth H., CertifiedCare Professional Personal Care Aide

I felt that after learning about the program it was the best fit for the single working mom that I am! Customer service is wonderful! I asked about 100 questions, had registration concerns and you were very helpful! I will definitely recommend to others!!

- Christina B., CertifiedCare Professional Personal Care Aide

Finally I did it!!! This is a great program, Thank you so much!!!

- Dahaiana R., CertifiedCare Family Personal Care Aide

I would suggest inverstigating CertifiedCare as a very good source for caregiver training. Cathleen Carr’s organization is a strong choice in this area.

- Dan Kacerovskis, CSA │National Account Manager, Society of Certified Senior Advisors

I chose CertifiedCare for a few reasons: You do not require a Bachelor's Degree to participate, there is the option to build on advanced certifications, the price is very reasonable, textbook is well written, no completion time limit/deadlines and free inclusion in the CertifiedCare Registry is an added bonus!

Your certification program is a blessing to me and my new career.

- Hollie H., CertifiedCare Professional Personal Care Aide

You answered my questions about caregiving completely, but more importantly, you offered information that was also relevant and very reassuring. I'm always thankful for great customer service, but even more impressive is when people are human, kind and considerate to one another. I am looking forward to strengthening my knowledge and confidence about caregiving. Thank you and your colleagues for establishing your company and offering a valuable resource.

- Mary R., CertifiedCare, CertifiedCare Professional Personal Care Aide

I would like to express how CertifiedCare has really paid off for me. Being "certified" means more employment in my field and more wages. Being a caregiver for over than 20 years, the exam CertifiedCare provided was very easy for me to pass. In the state of Arizona where I reside, being a certified caregiver is pretty much mandatory with all the new state laws.

Within 3 days of passing the exam, I had my frame worthy certificate and have gone on to get a new fabulous job.


- Sueann W., CertifiedCare Family Personal Care Aide

I came across your program while collecting material for a family caregivers guide my youth group is putting together. Several of our young members found your programs very helpful and I wanted to extend a quick thank you!

- Denise R., CertifiedCare Professional Personal Care Aide

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