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The Better Caregiver Bureau - CertifiedCare.Org

CertifiedCare education and certifications meet LTC-HCI basic orientation training requirements for all states and California (AB 1217)
requirements and complies with Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act.

CertifiedCare certificates are recognized, legal and valid across the United States, and around the world, for purpose of proof of caregiving and Personal Care Aide certification(s).

We are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Distance learning Schools, Colleges and Institutes (ACDLSCI).

CertifiedCare awards vocational certifications.  Members who complete CertifiedCare certification programs receive certificates recognizing their earned satisfactory program completion and tested comprehension of the educational content required for vocational competency.

CertifiedCare is the first entity to offer comprehensive online Personal Care Aide certification.

CertifiedCare operates with the approval of the U.S. Department of Education under terms of Public Law. CertifiedCare programs comply with all Federal education requirements as pertain to Personal Care Assistant education.

The Federal Department of Labor Standards Office has only recently established and recognized this as an area of skilled employment. As a result, as of 2013 there are no accreditation boards for Personal Care Aide education or training.

CertifiedCare does not accept any local, state or federal government funding, and we are not a Title IV school, and therefore, accreditation by any state or regional accreditation association is not required and does not pertain to CertifiedCare. is a private, organization registered with the Secretary of State's Office in the State of Ohio, United States. CertifiedCare operates entirely as an online distance learning entity and as such is in full compliance with the State of Ohio, US Department of Labor and the US Department of Education standards as regulate distance learning schools.

The accreditation of higher learning institutions in the United States and international locations that offer programs of study that are delivered primarily by distance (51% or more) and award credentials at the associate, baccalaureate, master’s, doctoral degree level, does not pertain to vocational certification education programs. CertifiedCare does not award educational degrees (such as associates, bachelors, masters, etc.)

CertifiedCare awards vocational certifications.

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