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The Better Caregiver Bureau - CertifiedCare.Org

CertifiedCare education and certifications meet LTC-HCI basic orientation training requirements for all states and California (AB 1217)
requirements and complies with Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act.

5 Star Community Service
Federal Elder Abuse Advocates
Eldercare Grants Program
Educates the Public to Minimize Elder Abuse and Neglect
Sponsors the Sweet Relief Community Action Program
Grants and Charity
Our Mission is to influence, establish and uphold higher standards of care for older adults nationally and internationally through advocacy and education.

Our Purpose:

  • CertifiedCare was concieved of and founded by an experienced caregiver.
  • CertifiedCare was established in 2008 in Ohio, USA for caregivers who serve the elderly.
  • CertifiedCare was formed for the purpose of raising awareness of and reducing the incidence of elder abuse and neglect through education.
  • We meet our purpose by educating, testing and certifying family and professional Personal Care Aides in dozens of areas relating to the proper care and non-medical treatment of frail elders, the developmentally disabled or chronically ill adult.
  • CertifiedCare executive leadership has been a proactive voice for caregiver support and education as well as the fight against elder abuse for many years by drafting state legislation and providing advocacy at the state, federal, and global level.


Membership proceeds fund our numerous community service initiatives:

  1. CertifiedCare advocates at the State and Federal level for caregiver support, education and the fight against elder abuse.
  2. CertifiedCare helps elders stay safe in their homes through the Sweet Relief grants program.
  3. CertifiedCare provides free education to the public in order to minimize elder abuse and neglect through their sponsorship of the ElderCareAdvice blog.
  4. CertifiedCare sponsors the "Sweet Relief Community Action Program" which allows the public to earn money spreading the word about caregiver education.
  5. CertifiedCare ensures outstanding caregiver education and respected credentials are available to its members.

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At CertifiedCare we understand that caring for an elderly person is NOT like caring for a child. Our certification programs are available 24/7 in 193 countries (if you have access to internet then you can use our programs).
We offer memberships for:What We Don't Do:
Senior Care Auditors CPR Testing
Informal and professional Caregivers Clinical Testing
Nurses and Home Health Aides State Licensing
Agency Caregiving Staff Nurse Testing
Agency Non-caregiving Staff Business Consulting
Long term Care Facility Caregiving Staff Legal Advice
Long term Care Facility Non-caregiving Staff Finger Printing
Geriatric Social Workers & Care Managers Childcare Certification
Others who provide care to frail elders Caregiver Staffing

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