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The Better Caregiver Bureau - CertifiedCare.Org

CertifiedCare education and certifications meet LTC-HCI basic orientation training requirements for all states and California (AB 1217)
requirements and complies with Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act.

  • is a membership organization and certification registry for caregivers focused on high quality service.

  • CertifiedCare awards caregiver credentials and registers prepared and trusted home care providers.

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We are a global credentialing organization for superior family and professional caregivers who serve the elderly.

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Caregivers will be in great demand for the next 30 years. Quality education and credentials are a wise investment.

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Register now, study online with no deadlines, test when you are ready.  Free retests immediately available.  Get and enjoy professional credentials, a public listing in the CertifiedCare Registry, frame worthy certificates and special benefits.

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