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What type of caregiver are you today and expecting to be in the future?

If you are a family caregiver:

Do you forsee a long term commitment to caregiving? 

Will the needs of your loved one(s) increase in complexity over time?


If you are a professional caregiver:

Will you work for yourself or for a facility (home care agency, longterm care facility, etc.)? 

Will you limit your work only to simple cases or are you open to more caregiving job opportunities and complex client cases?


Family Personal Care Aide Certification is for caregivers who...

  • Only care for their loved ones and not the general public
  • Do not get paid for their services
  • Only need to know the fundamentals of caregiving for a loved one who has simple Activities of Daily Living (ADL) needs

Professional Personal Care Aide Certification is for caregivers who... 

  • Are professional caregivers
  • Work with the general public
  • Work cases which require greater skill and responsibility regarding ADLs
  • Want their own business or who wish to work for agencies at the highest pay and who wish to have variety in their caregiving career
  • Want to earn specialty certifications in Alzheimer's & Dementia caregiving as well as Special Needs caregiving,129991,en.jpg




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