Company Facts is a not for profit education, testing and certification registry serving the at home care community.  We are duly registered in the state of Ohio as a not for profit organization formed for the purpose of raising awareness of and reducing the incidence of elder abuse and neglect.  We meet our purpose by educating, testing and certifying family and professional caregivers about the proper care and non-medical treatment of frail elders or the chronically ill senior and by supporting a 24/7 free public registry of CertifiedCare Certified Professional Care Aides.

CertifiedCare's Education Programs Benefit the Home Health Industry

CertifiedCare offers any home health agency, long term care facility or independent professional caregiver an easy, efficient, affordable and convenient way to get educated, tested and certified via distance learning programs.

Facility administrators can require unlicensed caregiving staff to register at and then easily monitor their credentialing statuses on's credential verification registry.

Each caregiver certification program offered by CertifiedCare provides clear information focused on professional development and helps hone the skills required for professional level caregiving.

Agencies benefit from more skilled and confident employees.

Staff benefits from enhanced credentials in the increasingly competitive home care market. 

Students study and test on their own time reducing lost billable hours in the field and less administrative time spent on training and credentials management. 

CertifiedCare maintains a credentials verification registry for independent caregivers, agencies and their clients to access.

The CertifiedCare Registry is free of charge and open to the public 24/7.

Agencies enhance their reputation and improve their quality of care by taking advantage of CertifiedCare's online education and certification courses.


Program Contents:

In addition to the many benefits of certification, the CertifiedCare pre-test certification programs offer competency in over 150 areas important to quality, safe frail elder care, such as:

  • Elderly nutrition and dietary needs
  • Stress reduction and coping techniques
  • Common mental and physical health issues that effect the elderly.
  • Laws regarding the elderly
  • How to assist the elderly in handling their finances and end of life issues
  • Crisis management
  • Caregiving challenges
  • Hundreds of tips and tricks utilized by professional caregivers 

CertifiedCare certification programs are based upon the American Medical Association (AMA) Guidelines, as they pertain to At Home Caregiving.

Registry Benefits:

After completing any CertifiedCare certification program, our caregivers are automatically listed in the CertifiedCare Registry. This is a powerful benefit allowing current and potential employers to verify credentials. Private employers and agencies can feel confident that you have attained the highest standard of care education.

Additional CertifiedCare Facts:

CertifiedCare was founded in 2008 and became a registered non-profit organization in 2010.

Our programs are available in over 193 countries.

We offer an easy payment plan - zero interest!

We do not solicit donations from the public.

Philosophy: Certified caregivers reduce the incidence of ignorance based elder abuse and neglect.

Slogan: "CertifiedCaregivers are better care givers"! is a NOT FOR PROFIT organization.  Proceeds go toward raising elder abuse and caregiver support awareness and for program development. does not solicit nor accept public donations.  100% operating funds are suppplied by private contributions from our Board of Directors and from the sale of our trademarked Personal Care Aide Certification programs.


Executive Team:

  • Cathleen Carr, JD PhD, Executive Director
  • Sydney Russell, Administrative Director
  • Elizabeth J. Hickle, MPA, LNHA, Health Care Consultant, Executive Director, Light of Hearts Villa

Related Statistics on Caregiving in the United States:

By the year 2025:

  • The number of elderly persons is projected to double in 21 States
  • The population aged 65 to 75 is projected to grow 74 % percent
  • All survivors of the Baby Boom generation will be between the ages of 61 and 79
  • Florida would remain the leading state with more than a quarter of its population classified as elderly
  • By 2030, there will be about 72.1 million 65+ older persons … more than twice their number in the year 2000.


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CertifiedCare Media Contact: 

Cathleen Carr, JD PhD, Executive Director
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